Healing of the heart and from life’s hurts is a passion of Harvest Church & the Partners in Harvest network.  Whether we want to admit it or not we have all be wounded by life’s circumstances and this affects the way we see God and how we relate and minister to others.  Our vision is that you would experience more of the unconditional love of the Father by allowing Him to heal those wounded places of your heart.

Father Heart Schools & Seminars


These are designed to provide effective training and insight into issues of the heart. They not only help us as individuals but also to help recognize patterns of behavior in others and lead us to be more effective in ministering to them.


Father Heart Schools are held regularly at Harvest Church. If you are interested in holding a Father Heart School at your church, please contact us for more information.
Pastoral Prayer Counseling


We offer pastoral counseling to our church members usually in a format of weekly sessions.  We also offer pre-marriage counseling to couples (please contact us for further details).

Restoring the Foundations


RTF is available through Scott Thomas of Restoration House of Tulsa.  He has a base at Harvest Church and offers individual or marital counseling for a fee.  Please visit: restoringthefoundations.org for further details or fill out the contact form below.